Brands are a key component of any business strategy of companies, often can be the most valuable asset; to the extent that identify, promote and market products and / or services in the market and differentiate them from the competition, which ultimately helps to reinforce customer confidence.

     The brand protection through registration is a key factor, because it is a means to prevent unfair competitors to take advantage of the good reputation of a company by using similar distinctive signs to market products and / or similar services can create confusion or be of lower quality, damaging the image. All this is because the state grants the trademark owner, the PROPERTY on the brand, granting an exclusive right to use and prevent its use by third parties.



The owner of a trademark may authorize its use by third parties through franchise agreements or licenses, and thus increase the profits of your company.


Property and Exclusive Use of the trademark holder thereof is guaranteed.


The exercise of all legal defenses for unauthorized use by third parties is guaranteed.


A trademark owner, you can have your brand by selling, transferring or ceding.


     We are strongly committed to the custody and defense our clients trademarks, which we carry out during their entire period of validity. When performing an efficient custody and proper defense; or confusingly similar marks may not obtain registration, and thus, it would increase the commercial value having their brand while protecting your business.


     The Trade Dress can be translated literally as “trade dress” and is the image of an establishment, comprising the combination of colors, logos, operating methods. In order to prevent third parties from competing in good or bad faith use similar elements regarding the “look and feel” of the shop to take advantage of his notoriety or to induce an erroneous association in the consumer public, and thus produce unfair competition; companies should be protected by trademark registrations.-

Your trademark can be your company´s most valuable asset.