The Leguizamón Pondal & Assoc. Law firm has a team of young professionals composed of lawyers and property agents industrial.- They are all highly trained and specialized in technical and legal issues related to trademarks, and Internet domains.- Therefore, we are interested in working with your business; to provide them with comprehensive legal advice and legal protection you need in the art that concerns us; in order to guard and defend the rights acquired intellectual property. This way, your company can have a permanent legal backing, in order to obtain commercial tranquility national and international level.- In an effort to be able to offer a high level of future advice and legal protection in this area, we introduce and offer our services, offering reliability, efficiency, promptness and personal attention to your company.-


Leguizamón Pondal & Asoc. believes in numbers and statistics, our figures endorse our professionalism in the area.

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Did you know that your trademark can be your company´s most valuable asset ?



Property and Exclusive Use of the trademark holder thereof is guaranteed; The exercise of all legal defenses for unauthorized use by third parties is guaranteed; The owner of a trademark may authorize its use by third parties through franchise agreements or licenses, and thus increase the profits of your company; A trademark owner, you can have your brand by selling, transferring or ceding
Trademarks are a primary component of any business strategy. Trademarks can become the most valuable asset to identify and promote market products or services in the market and differentiate them from the competition. It helps to consolidate customers and establishing trust.
Since the creation of the Internet domains, there are serious conflicts between domain name holders and trademark owners. While the former can be used around the world as the virtual address of a company, in order to publicize and market their products and / or services; are awarded to those who complete an application first, this without conducting a preliminary analysis of confusing similarity to a trademark or existing domain. The latter are territorial in nature (only they are protected in each country where protection is sought through registration) and are used as signs to distinguish goods and services from those of competitors.